In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful®
" And We have not sent you except as a
Mercy to Mankind"
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Mercy to Mankind Project - Chat:
Chat will be done in the language the user chooses.
We will architect the Chat pages with the following types:
Auto We will architect a software engine that will parse questions and requests and reply with answers, messages or pages. This is more of automation of chat to help provide 24-7 services. The engine will keep track of questions and requests and use such information to improve the service.
Professional The Professional Chat is an option where an expert on a target subject will have alive chat with users and answer their questions, address issues and help users.
Groups & Chat Room Two or more users will be able to chat and exchange help, ideas and views.
Topic A single topic is posted and the Chat is open for users to be included. These chats are supposed to stay on the topic, even if the topic changes due to discussion.
Forum – Board Question and answers will be placed on site’s Board for users, where volunteers and professional will answer questions and suggestions.
Journal This is only used to address current world events and will be held weekly or monthly. The current topics in the media are discussed.
Contact Information:
Address: P. O. Box 95592
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60195
Phone: (847) 606 - 9999
Fax: (224) 535 - 9800
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