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" And We have not sent you except as a
Mercy to Mankind"
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Mercy to Mankind Project - Dictionary:
Creating a dictionary for the site is a must feature for the following reasons:
Spelling of Arabic words in different languages such as English needs to be standardized to help in search, translating and have one meanings for the Arabic wards in other languages. For example, the word Mohamed is spelled as:
The site is presented in different languages and the Dictionary will give users the ability to look up the meaning and spelling of words in these languages.
It will give the users options to switch with ease from one language to another.
It will provide suggestions and hints to user to make both the search and the translation easier.
It will also have links to pages that have words that the user is looking up. This will provide the user with the actual text that has such words.
It will also track users input and keep statistics to help make the Dictionary more user-friendly as well as intelligent.
Contact Information:
Address: P. O. Box 95592
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60195
Phone: (847) 606 - 9999
Fax: (224) 535 - 9800
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