In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Mercifulฎ
" And We have not sent you except as a
Mercy to Mankind"
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Mercy to Mankind Project - Our Think Tank:
Definition (according to Wikipedia):
"A think tank (also called a policy institute) is an organization, institute, corporation, or group that conducts research and engages in advocacy in areas such as social policy, political strategy, economy, science or technology issues, industrial or business policies, or military advice."

Goals of Mercy to Mankind Think-Tank:
• Has the final decision on what will be presented on the site
• Has a consistent philosophy of presenting Prophet Mohamed to the international community
• Binds the site’s contents to the Islamic laws and principles
• Committed to enhance public awareness
• Researches topics and issues
• Analyzes what is needed
• Addresses new knowledge and technology
• Addresses current issues
• Creates processes and policies
• Makes decisions and evaluation
• Explores alternatives
• Addresses the differences between cultures and countries
• Provides future goals for the site
• Creates reports about the site
• Publishes all their work and decisions for the public to view
Members of the Think-Tank:
The main objective of the Think-Tank is support the site’s mission and goals. Such objective(s) should not be decided by religious experts only, but open to technology, approaches and the dynamic part of living on this Home called Earth. Members should be aware that Koran and Hadith have meanings that are discovered as technology and approaches are advanced. They should address the fact that we are living in world with problems, issues and changes that are constantly shifting and they should tackle these problems, issues and changes with Koran and Hadith and the expertise other than religious ones. We recommend a team with following expertise:
• Hadith Experts
• Islamic Law Experts
• Experts on Religions other than Islam
• Educators
• Artists
• Historians
• Children Psychologists
• Scientists
• Medical Experts
• Engineers
• Media Experts & Journalists
• Female Social Workers
• Lawmakers
• Politicians
• Bankers
• Industrial Captains
• Teens and Children
Contact Information:
Address: P. O. Box 95592
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60195
Phone: (847) 606 - 9999
Fax: (224) 535 - 9800
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