In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Mercifulฎ
" And We have not sent you except as a
Mercy to Mankind"
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Mercy to Mankind Project:
This site represents what is known as a markup or a prototype for the actual architect and design we are proposing.
The following points are our summary of such prototype:
• This is a must project for Muslims and Non-Muslims where the Koran, the messenger and companions (Sahaba) present Islam to the world.
• It is a living testimony that prophet Mohamed had addressed our current problems centuries ago and the answers to world issues can be helped with his words.
• It shows the Koran as a living miracle and Prophet Mohamed is a Mercy to Mankind.
• The actual number of pages on this site will exceed 500,000 web pages.
• The cost of building such a project will be greater than 25 million dollars ($25,000,000).
• It is designed for all ages, level of education, occupations, gender and faith and it will be done with different languages.
• It is designed so that a user will click no more than two mouse-clicks to get the target subject or page.
• The server support for such a simple project requires tremendous effort, time, software and hardware.
• Supporting this project is your answer to the prophet's call and only the lucky ones will reply to the call.
• The return on the dollar for supporting this project cannot be measured by any scale, only Allah can reward such an investment.
Contact Information:
Address: P. O. Box 95592
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60195
Phone: (847) 606 - 9999
Fax: (224) 535 - 9800
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