17.7 Abu-As
Some months later Abul-As was carrying trade money belonging to Quraysh to AI-Sham, when he was taken captive by a group of Muslim soldiers. They appropriated his money which belonged to Quraysh, so under cover of night, he went to Zaynab's quarters and asked her to intercede for him. She agreed and through her mediation the Muslims returned the money to him and he was able to return it to Quraysh.

He gave each of the Quraysh their share, and then he stood and cried,

"Men of Quraysh, has anyone not received his money back?"

They all answered that they had received their money. Then he said,

"Now I testify that Allah is One and that Mohamed is His Prophet. The only reason why I did not profess my faith while in Medina was lest you thought I had done it to take your money."
Then he went to Medina and swore the oath of allegiance to Allah and His Messenger, and Mohamed returned his wife Zaynab to him.