8.2 Al-Tufayl al-Dawsi
Al-Tufayl ibn Amr AI-Dawsi was approaching Mecca. He was a chieftain of noble birth, a poet, and a man of sound judgment. So Quraysh went out to meet him and warned him to keep away from Mohamed so that he and his tribe should not suffer what they were suffering.

Mohamed used to sit by AI-Marwa, and Al-Tufayl, after entering Mecca, heard some of his words to the people. He liked what he heard but he hesitated to come forward because of the warnings of Quraysh to him. Then he said to himself,

"May my mother grieve for me! I am a poet, a man of mature thought, I can distinguish between good and bad, so why should I not listen to what he has to say? If it is good, I will try to learn more; if it is bad, I can always reject it."

He listened and was interested in what he heard so he followed Mohamed to his house, revealed his identity and asked to know more. Mohamed recited the Koran to him and the man became Muslim, and then went back to his country.

Many years later, after the liberation of Mecca, AI-Dawsi came to see Mohamed in Medina at the head of a great delegation of his tribe who were all Muslims, for he had spent those years calling his people to Islam. Some had responded readily and some had not, but he had persevered and succeeded in converting many to Islam.

AI-Dawsi was an example of what happened to many, and it was not only idol worshippers who entered Islam, but also Jews and Christians. They felt that the Koran explained the things they were in doubt about.

A delegation of twenty Christian men from Najran was sent by their people to discuss religion with Mohamed. They sat, talked with him, and got up Muslims. Quraysh were furious. They said to them,

"May Allah humiliate you, you shameful delegation. Your people have sent you to bring them news of the man, but no sooner did you sit with him than you left your religion and believed in him!"