13.2 Amr ibn al-Jumah
Amr ibn AI-Jumah, one of the nobles of Banu Salama, had wooden idol that he kept in his house, as was the custom of Arab nobles at that time. Some of the young men of Banu Salama who had become Muslim used to take it at night and throw it in one of the pits used as a latrine. When morning came and Amr missed his idol, he used to go and look for it in the pits, clean it up and purify it, and put it back in its place of honor in his house, threatening and raging all the while.

This happened night after night until he became so exasperated that he hung a sword around the idol's neck and said to it,

"Defend yourself, if you can."

The next morning he found it in a well tied to a dead dog and the sword gone.

When some of his people then approached him on the subject of Islam, he was only too happy to become a Muslim, having thoroughly experienced the degradation and futility of idol worship.