19.1 Banu Qaynuqa
Peace and quiet was not to be the lot of the Muslims, for as soon as they returned to Medina, the Jews began to plot and conspire against them, even more vigorously than before. They could not bear to see Mohamed dominate the city and they could not bear to see the Muslims victorious. Night and day their plots and injuries to the Muslims did not cease, and what was worse for the believers was that they slandered Muslim women, to the extent that Mohamed had to send a messenger to Banu Qaynuqa to tell them to stop injuring Muslims and to observe the treaties between them. Banu Qaynuqa were one of the three large Jewish tribes who lived in Medina. Instead of heeding this warning and observing the treaties that had given them both freedom and security, the answer they sent back was a challenge.

"Mohamed," they said.

"Do not be deceived because you have met with people who have no knowledge of war. If we fight you, then you shall know what it means to face a warrior race."

There was nothing that Mohamed could do but meet the challenge. The Muslims besieged the forts of Banu Qaynuqa, and after fifteen days of siege, they surrendered. Consultations were undertaken on what to do with Banu Qaynuqa. Some suggested that they should be enslaved while others asked the Prophet to show them mercy. In the end it was decided that they should evacuate the city, leaving their weapons behind. They left Medina, heading northwards, until they reached Azriat on the border of AI-Sham and settled there.