2.3 The Birth of Mohamed
While people rejoiced at the great victory that Allah had bestowed on them, Abdul-Muttalib received some good news. Amina sent word that a grandson had been born to him. Great was the old man's joy when he came and took the child of his beloved son into his arms. He carried it straight to the Kaaba and, after going around it seven times with the child, he said, "Blessed child, I will call thee Mohamed. The birth of this child was ushered in by glory and triumph for the Ancient House, blessed is he!"

When his people asked him why he had named the child Mohamed, preferring it to the names of his forefathers, he said, 'Because I want him to be praised in the heavens of Allah above and on the earth of his people.' The name Mohamed means, 'He to whom praise is due.'

On the seventh day after Mohamed's birth his grandfather gave a great feast according to the custom of the Arabs.