26.8 The Breakthrough
The Muslims traveled towards Medina with pain in their hearts, and on the way between Mecca and Medina, like a ray of the light of heaven, these holy verses came down:

We have opened a clear breakthrough for you,
so that Allah forgives your sin, in the past and in the future,
completes His blessing upon you, and guides you to the straight way,
and gives you a triumphant victory.
(48: 1-3)

To the Muslims words more cheering than these there never were. They combined forgiveness, hope, assurance, and gracious bounty, everything that could gladden their hearts.

This treaty of AI-Hudaybiya was indeed a breakthrough. What they had considered to be a shameful defeat turned out to be victory with honor, attained without bloodshed or destruction.

Soon after this treaty it became apparent that the whole of the Arabian Peninsula would be lit up by the words of Allah, the merciful rule of Islam.

The portent of these verses is of very great significance. The Messenger to whom they are addressed was overjoyed by the graciousness of his Lord - to have all one's sins, throughout the whole of one's life, forgiven and to be granted a breakthrough as well, was magnanimity indeed, beyond his greatest hopes. He felt so grateful that he kept standing in prayer in thanks for so long that his feet became swollen. The lady Aisha said to him in awe,

"But Messenger of Allah, Allah has forgiven you your sins, so why do you pray so long?"

"Then should I not be a grateful slave," he answered gently in explanation.