29.6 The Conquest of Mecca
As they approached Mecca, Mohamed noticed that there were no preparations for resistance and he stopped to pray and thank Allah, for his heart's desire was to enter the Ancient House inside the Holy City without bloodshed. News came to him that Sad ibn Ubada, one of the group commanders, had been saying,

"Today is the day of the epic when the inviolate is no longer inviolate."

He immediately deposed him and replaced him by his son, a man larger in stature, but milder in temper.

Three of the four groups found no resistance and were able to enter the Holy City in peace. The fourth group, led by Khaled ibn AI-Walid, was forced by men who were implacable enemies of the Messenger to fight. It was only a minor skirmish and Khaled was able to disperse them quickly. Only two of his men who had been cut off from the group were killed while fifteen of the enemy were killed.

At last peace reigned in Mecca, and calm followed that it had not known for years. The Muslims at last could return to their own homes, and at last the House of Allah was to be returned to His worship alone.

A tent was erected for the Prophet by the grave of his grandfather and that of his beloved wife, Khadija; He was asked if would like to rest in his own house and he replied,

"No, they have left no home for me in Mecca."

He remained in his tent for some time to pray in thanks to Allah, and then he went to the Kaaba. He went round it seven times. People began to gather around him, so he read to them these verses of the Koran:

Mankind, We have created you males and females,
and made you nations and tribes to become acquainted.
To Allah the most honored among you is the most devout.
Allah is the All-Knowing, the All-Aware.