32.2 The Death of Abraham
One day the Prophet received a message from Maria saying that Abraham was ailing. The baby had been growing strong and sturdy, comelier every day, and Mohamed was getting more and more attached to it. Then suddenly the child fell ill.

Mohamed sat with the baby on his knee and said,

"Abraham, we can do nothing for you with Allah."

And as the little one breathed his last, he said,

"The eye weeps, the heart grieves, but we say nothing except what pleases the Lord. Abraham, I do mourn for you. To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return."

After the little body was prepared for burial, Mohamed and his uncle, together with other Muslims, followed the bier. They made a grave for it and Mohamed smoothed over the earth, saying,

"This action does no harm nor good, but it is pleasing to the eye of the living. When man does anything, Allah likes him to do it well."

As the child was being buried, the sun was eclipsed and it grew dark and gloomy. The Muslims cried that it was a sign of grief for Abraham, but Mohamed, even at this moment of deep personal grief, thought it his duty to explain to them that this was a natural phenomenon that had natural causes created by Allah. He said,

"The sun and moon are two of the phenomena of Allah. They do not go into eclipse because of anyone's life or death. When you see such phenomena, flee to remember Allah in prayers."

It is those who truly believe and truly comprehend who can see the hand of Allah in the regulation of the laws of the universe around them.