30.5 The Distribution of the Booty
Seeing how generously he had given to those newly entered into Islam, who had once been his bitter enemies, the Supporters said to each other,

"The Prophet has found his tribe and his people indeed."

These words reached Mohamed, so he called the Supporters and said to them,

"Supporters, did I not find you astray and Allah has guided you to the Way? Were you not in need and Allah has made you opulent? Were you not enemies and Allah has created harmony between your hearts?"

"All good and bounty comes from Allah and His Messenger," they replied.

"Nay, answer me, Supporters."

"But what can we say, Messenger of Allah, when Allah and His Messenger are the best, the most gracious."

"If you wish," said Mohamed, "you could say, 'You have come to us despised and we believed in you; a fugitive and we gave you shelter; defeated and we gave you victory; needy and we gave you help.' Supporters, do you resent that the dross of this world is given to some to soothe their hearts and make them enter into Islam?" "Supporters, would you not prefer to have people take goats and camels and that you take the Messenger of Allah with you?"

There were tears in his eyes for he loved these men who had stood at his side in the darkest hour. The Supporters were very much moved, many to tears, and they called out,

"We are happy and content to have the Messenger of Allah as our share and our destiny."