26.3 Emissaries
Next they sent to Mohamed the head of the Abyssinian mercenaries whom they had engaged for the defense of Mecca. Before speaking to the man, the Messenger told his followers to place the camels decked out as offerings in front of them. Seeing these camels walking towards him convinced the man of their intention for pilgrimage and he returned without speaking to Mohamed for he could see that Quraysh were in the wrong as they had no right to prevent the Muslims or any man from entering the House of Allah. He returned to Quraysh and related what he had seen and they told him that he was a simple Arab and knew nothing. He became angry and said that his people had not made a treaty with Quraysh to drive pilgrims from the House of Allah. If they did not allow Mohamed to observe his religious rites, the Abyssinians would leave Mecca. They tried to soothe and appease him, asking him to wait until they had considered the matter.

They then decided to send a man of judgment, a man known for his keen perception, called Urwa ibn Masud, but he apologized, for he had seen how they treated those who differed from them. Quraysh kept pressing him, assuring him that they would submit to his decision until in the end he accepted.