34.6 The Prophet's Farewell Speech
"listen to my words, for I may not meet you again after this year in such circumstances. Sacred to you is the blood of others, sacred to you is the money of others until the day you meet your Lord, as sacred as this day and month. You shall meet your Lord and He will question you about your deeds. There, I have proclaimed this to you. He of you who has been entrusted with a trust, let him deliver it to its owner. All usury is forbidden. You may have your initial capital back, you do not wrong and you are not wronged."

"The devil has despaired of being worshipped in your land ever again, but if he is obeyed, he will accept the mean of your deeds, so fear for your religion from him."

After further admonition, among them urging men to be good to women, for they were under their care, the Prophet continued,

"Understand my words, for I am delivering a message to you and I shall leave among you what, if you adhere to it, will never let you go wrong: the Book of Allah and the Way of His Messenger. Listen to my words and grasp their meaning. Realize that each Muslim is a brother to other Muslims. Muslims are brethren. No man shall take from his brother, except what his brother gives him willingly. So do not wrong each other."

He ended by saying,

"My Lord, have I delivered the message?"

The Messenger spoke in a loud, clear voice. Nevertheless he feared lest people would not hear well - there were so many, so he let Rabia ibn Umayya repeat it after him to the people part by part exactly as he had said it. Then he asked them questions to make sure that they had grasped what he had said. In the end when he said,

"My Lord, have I delivered the message?"

Thousands upon thousands of voices answered from all directions,

"Yes, you have."