36.5 Fatima, the Prophet's Daughter, Visits Him
Fatima, Mohamed's only living child, used to visit him every day during his illness. He always rose to greet her and gave her the most comfortable place. Aisha saw her crying beside him, then she saw her laugh immediately afterwards. When she was alone with her, she asked her what had made her cry, then what had made her laugh immediately afterwards, and she said,

"I am not to betray the confidence of the Messenger of Allah."

After Mohamed had passed away, she explained to Aisha. She had cried because he told her he would be collected to Allah in this illness, and then she laughed when he told her she would be the first of his family to join him. Six months later Fatima had also passed away.

Mohamed suffered patiently during this fever. Seeing him in this condition, Fatima cried,

"Oh, grief, my father."

"No, there shall be no more grief for your father from now on," he answered.

He meant that once he left this world of cares and sorrow he would never suffer again.