22.4 The Greater Struggle (with the Soul)
One day when returning from battle, Mohamed said to his Companions,

"We have left the lesser struggle to return to the greater struggle."

"What is the greater struggle, Messenger of Allah?"

his Companions asked.

"It is the struggle of a man with himself," he said.

Mohamed believed that each individual should struggle to attain the highest potential his soul could reach. Thus he taught his Companions:

"My Lord has recommended nine traits to me which I recommend to you."

He has commanded me sincerity, openly and in secret, justice in contentment and in anger, thrift in opulence and in penury, to pardon him who has wronged me, to give to him who has deprived me, to connect him who has cut me off; to let my silence be meditation, to let my speech be prayer, to let my perception bring a moral to me.