6.2 Hamza Enters Islam
One day Abu Jahl (literally "Father of Ignorance"), who was one of the most strident enemies of the new religion, and also one of the most eminent men of Quraysh, was exceedingly abusive to Muhammad, injuring and insulting him. Mohamed did not respond to his insults, for by nature he was not a man to use evil language and the Arabs revered their elders.

Mohamed had an uncle called Hamza who was at the same time his foster brother. Hamza was a brave and fearless man fond of hunting. Every day when he returned from the hunt, he would go around the Kaaba. That day when he returned, he was informed of what Abu Jah had done to Muhammad. So he did not go around the Kaaba, but went straight to where Abu Jahl sat and struck him with his bow. Abu Jahl fell wounded and people from his clan, Banu Makhzum, tried to stand between him and Hamza, but, fearing a blood feud between the tribes, he begged them not to interfere and admitted what he had done. Then Hamza went to Mohamed and swore allegiance to Allah and to Mohamed as His Messenger.