30.4 Hawazin Asks for Booty Back
A group of the defeated tribe of Hawazin went to the Prophet and asked him to return their money and children to them because of the connection between him and them. They reminded him that his foster mother had been one of them. The Messenger always tried to comfort and soothe the pride of the defeated. His duty was to break up their idols, but once the job was done he was magnanimous and obliging. Mohamed who had been very considerate to his foster mother until the day of her death now declared that his portion of the spoils and that of his tribe, Banu Hashim, would be returned to them and he suggested to them a way to retrieve all their property. He told them to stand up after the prayer in congregation and say that they had asked the Prophet to intercede for them with the Muslims and then they should ask the Muslims to intercede for them with the Prophet. So after prayers, they did so, and Mohamed said that he would return his share of the booty to them. The Emigrants, following his example, said that they would give their share to the Prophet to dispose of that is return it to its owners, and then the Supporters did the same. The Prophet then asked them about their leader, MaIik ibn Awf, who had fled to Thaqif and asked them to deliver this message to him: if he should go the Prophet, his money and children would be returned to him.

Mohamed had given booty most generously to the nobles of Quraysh, newly entered into Islam. Even though he knew that the declaration of faith of some of them had been a matter of noblesse oblige, nevertheless he gave them hundreds of camels and heads of cattle - may more than he had given the Emigrants and Supporters. He had done this to wipe away the bitterness in their hearts and to let them enter into Islam willingly instead of feeling compelled.