33.6 The Hypocrites' Mosque
Some of the hypocrites had built a mosque for a dark purpose of their own. They built it to alter the words of the Koran and place nonsensical words in it in order to shake people's faith. To hide their evil design, they asked the Prophet to come and pray with them. Mohamed was going to Tabuk and asked them to wait until his return, but when he returned these holy verses were sent down concerning the mosque:

And those who built a mosque
for mischief, denial and separation between those who believe,
and watching for the arrival of him
who has fought Allah and His Messenger before.
They will swear, 'We sought only the good.'
And Allah witnesses that they are liars.
Do not ever pray in it.
A mosque founded on piety from the first day
is more worthy of your prayers in it.
There are men in it who love to purify themselves,
and Allah loves those who purify themselves.

In the verses above, reference is made to another mosque built before this by people sincere in their faith. They had asked Mohamed to pray in it and he had done so. Reference is also made to a monk called Abu Amr who had fought Mohamed before.

The mosque was burnt and the hypocrites were scattered. No one would help or support them except their chief, Abdullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salul. Two months later, Abdullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salul fell ill and died, so their last support was gone and they became inconsequential.