10.5 Khadija Passes Away
A few months after the death of Abu Talib, Khadija, whose health had suffered from the years of privation in the mountains, passed away. Khadija, the affectionate and understanding wife, the companion in struggle, the sincere friend, the first person on earth to believe in him. Khadija, who had dedicated her whole life to the service of her persecuted husband and her Lord, who had cheered his heart and tended his wounds, who was part of Allah's mercy to him, was no more. Mohamed felt no loss so greatly as this one. External support had been weakened by the death of Abu Talib, and now love, comfort and understanding at home were lost with the death of Khadija. Mohamed was a lonely man. He left a cheerless house to preach and struggle for Allah's sake and returned to a cheerless house. At this very time, when he had suffered such grievous bereavement, Quraysh augmented their campaign against him. He walked, a solitary light, gleaming in the dark evil of Qurayshi superstition.

After Abu Talib's death the insults and injuries of Quraysh had grown more bold and vicious. The least of it was that one of their rabble poured dust over Mohamed's head, which was considered a great insult, but he bore everything with courage and perseverance for the sake of his mission. Patiently he would go to Fatima, his daughter, for her to clean him. Fatima could not bear to see her father suffer such humiliation. She used to sob and sob as she removed the dust, while Mohamed kept comforting her, saying,

"Do not cry, my child, Allah protects your father from men.

He meant that Allah protected his life. But suffering, insults, and injuries were the price of standing against evil.