4.1 Married Life
Here begins a new and happy chapter in the life of Mohamed. It is as if fate wanted to compensate him for the sad and lonely years he had spent in his childhood by giving him the best that Mecca, perhaps the whole of Arabia, could offer. Khadija was a wonderful woman and he grew to love her as she loved him with a great and noble passion that lasted beyond the grave. Khadija became everything to him, wife, mother, sister, friend and companion. It was a happy and harmonious marriage. Mohamed, good-natured, refined, and considerate, and Khadija, intelligent, gracious, beautiful, and always looking up to him. They were well suited to each other. They had wealth, they had honor, they had a high position in society, but they had one source of sorrow whenever Khadija bore a son he died. Mohamed so longed to have a son of his own, and Khadija also wanted a son, but one child after another passed away. Khadija feared that this was the wrath of the idols of the Kaaba and used to sacrifice offerings to them. Mohamed, however loathed the idols of the Kaaba and kept aloof from them.

They did, though, have four daughters. In an age that considered women inferior, and among a people who considered daughters a tribulation, Mohamed was a kind and affectionate father to them. He cared for their upbringing when they were little, and when they grew up.He was very careful in choosing husbands for them.