12.7 The Miracle of the Koran
The life of Mohamed is full of such incidents, but most historians do not dwell upon them. They mention them because they did occur and were witnessed by those who testimony is undoubted. Had they not occurred at all, Mohamed would still be the Messenger of Allah and His prophet. Mohamed's message needs no miracle to corroborate it; it is itself the Miracle. The Koran is not prose, yet it has the stately majestic flow of the best prose; it is not poetry, yet it has a very subtle rhythm, peculiarly its own, that makes it easy to quote, easy to remember. If we add to this its very great power of expression, its lucid and infallible logic, its imagery of very great sensibility, and that there is in it a nameless spiritual quality that affects the heart as well as the head, it is not surprising that the Arabs, who were experienced critics in an age that is considered the golden age of poetry, should decide that its composition was beyond the power of mortals to achieve.

In the world today, when men have lost the ability to appreciate the literary excellence of the Koran, it is the scientific data in it that scholars find amazing. Whatever branch of science one specializes in, one can find accurate knowledge in the Koran about it.