33.4 Mohamed Marches Out
The army marched until they reached AI-Hijr where they passed by the ruins of Thamud, an ancient people who had been destroyed because they persisted in ignoring the messengers who came to them and continued in their transgressions. The Koran relates their story, giving details that neither Mohamed nor his people had known.

The Prophet warned his men not to drink from the wells of Thamud, nor to wash for prayers with water from them, and if they had baked any bread with the water to give it to the camels. He asked them not to go out alone at night, but in twos and threes. Only two men disobeyed the Prophet's command and went out. One was carried away by the winds and the other was buried in the sands. The next day they found the wells of Thamud had been covered by a sandstorm during the night.

They marched on in the desert, the route was long and hot and their water supply was nearly finished. They had yet a long way before them and they knew not what to do, when suddenly a cloud came drifting towards them and kept pelting rain until the whole army had had its fill. Some called out that it was a miracle; others said that it was merely a cloud passing by.