32.1 Mohamed's Tribulations
For twenty-three years, ever since he proclaimed the worship of Allah alone and the abandonment of idol worship, the Messenger had suffered severe trials and privations. He had made great sacrifices for the sake of Islam. He had sacrificed his money, his position and prestige among his people, his time, his effort, his life, everything, even food and drink during the three years of boycott in the mountains. These sacrifices he had made willingly for the sake of the deity he believed in, but there were other sacrifices that were forced upon him, trials he had to suffer and great grief to endure. Prophets are the people who have to undergo the most severe trials, and Mohamed, the last and greatest of the prophets, had suffered the greatest of trials. There is hardly a grief or woe he had not experienced.

He was a very affectionate and loving father, and he lost three daughters and two sons. With each bereavement he would suffer quietly with patience and fortitude. At the age of sixty, the only son left to him was the eighteen month old Abraham.