29.2 Mohamed Visits Jafar's Family
When news reached Medina that Zayd ibn Haritha and Jafar ibn Abi Talib had been killed in battle, Mohamed went to Jafar's house. Jafar was his cousin, one of the first to enter into Islam. He had led the Muslims to Abyssinia to attain freedom of worship, and then come to live in Medina when Mohamed asked them to return to their homeland. He was a man of both courage and faith.

The Messenger found Asma, Jafar's wife, who had just baked bread and bathed her two little sons. He said to her,

"Bring me the sons of Jafar."

He put them on his knee and tears began to stream down his face.

Asma said,

"My mother and father be your ransom, Messenger of Allah. Has anything happened to Jafar and those with him?"

"Yes," said Mohamed,

"he was killed today."

Then he left Jafar's house, telling those with him to prepare food for Jafar's family for they could not think of themselves that day.

People were amazed to see the tears in his eyes. He said to them,

"It is the expression of grief that a friend feels when he loses his friend."

On the way back he met the daughter of Zayd and patted her on the shoulder.