33.2 Preparations for the Roman Invasion
Under the merciful rule of Islam, the peninsula attained a just peace and unified stability. It was not, however, in the interest of the Romans to have a strong and unified power on their borders. They had previously been inciting the northern tribes against the Muslims and giving them money and material support, but that year in the late summer, when the heat can be as great as mid-summer or worse, news came that the Romans were preparing a great army to come and fight the Muslims. This great army was to cross the borders into Arab land to make all the Arabs, those who were their vassals and those who were not, feel Roman military might.

So once again Mohamed had to carry arms to fight for the freedom of the land of Islam and for freedom of religion. It was well-known how the Romans executed those of them who entered into Islam and tortured the Christians who differed from them in religious matters. It was also known that the Roman legions were of very great numbers. Mohamed had to collect an army that could stand against these great hosts, so he summoned the tribes and explained the situation to them.