16.4 Quraysh Go out to War
Quraysh marched out of Mecca displaying all their military might, with their clients and their slaves, their feared javelin throwers, and their famous warriors. They did not do this to frighten the Muslims whom they knew to be weak, few in number, and badly armed, but to display their power before all the tribes of Arabia, both to those who would see their progress and those who would hear of it later. So sure were they of their superiority that they took provisions to feast upon after victory and musicians to play for them in the celebrations. They marched out in ostentatious pride, as if marching on parade.

The Messenger left Medina, putting Abu Lubana in charge of the city. The Muslims had only three hundred and five men and they were short of arms and camels, each three men sharing one camel, two men walking beside it and one riding. Mohamed insisted on sharing a camel like everybody else. He never allowed himself anything that the other Muslims did not have.