10.3 Quraysh meet the Messenger at Abu Talib's
The Quraysh feared that the situation between Mohamed and them would deteriorate further after the death of Abu Talib. They went to the dying man and asked him to intercede between them and his nephew so that after he was gone Quraysh would not be rent by strife. Mohamed met the leaders of Quraysh at his uncle's house and said to them,

"In truth, all I ask is one word, one word that you shall give me, with it you shall dominate the Arabs and have ascendance over all foreigners."

"Ten words, not one," said Abu Jahl, "ask all you wish."

"Say, 'Allah is One,' and reject the idols you worship."

They were scandalized, and one of them said,

"But, Mohamed, do you want us to make the gods only one?"

Then they agreed with each other that it was no use, they were never going to get anything out of such a man who was not ready to budge an inch. They left Abu Talib's house without coming to an agreement with Mohamed.