17.6 Quraysh Pay the Ransom
After waiting patiently and biding their time, Quraysh began to seek freedom for their captives and to pay ransom for them. One of the captives was a foul-mouthed man who used to say evil things about the Messenger and the Muslims. Umar ibn al-Khattab hated to see him set free and said to the Prophet,

"Let me pullout his two front teeth so that his tongue sticks out, then he will never dare to speak in public against you."

"If I mutilate him, Allah will mutilate me, even though I am a Prophet,"

Mohamed answered.

Among the things brought in to ransom the captives, Mohamed recognized a medallion that belonged to his daughter Zaynab. He was deeply moved, for he remembered that it had belonged to his beloved Khadija and that she had given it to her daughter on her wedding day. Zaynab had sent it to ransom her husband, Abul-As, who was among the captives. Mohamed said,

“If you could set her prisoner free for her and return her medallion to her, then do so.”

After that he came to an understanding with Abul-As, who had not entered into Islam, to give Zaynab her freedom. (A Muslim woman is forbidden to a man who does not believe.) He sent Zayd ibn al-Haritha with two other men to conduct her safely to Medina.