34.5 The Rites of Pilgrimage
When the pilgrims reached Dhul-Hulayfa, they began to purify themselves in preparation for entry into the Sacred Precincts. Then marching towards Mecca they began to call,

"I come in answer to Thee, my Lord, I come in answer to Thee. Thou hast no partner, my Lord, I come in answer to Thee."

These words chanted by one hundred thousand men echoed through the valleys and mountains of Arabia until they reached Mecca.

As the Muslims passed by each mosque in village or oasis they stopped to pray. The Prophet said to them,

"Those of you who have no offering to sacrifice and prefer to make this a visit and not a pilgrimage may do so. Those who have brought an offering may not."

The Koran had stated the basic conditions for the pilgrimage in the following words:

The pilgrimage is in certain appointed months.
For he who undertakes to make the pilgrimage in them;
there shall be no copulation,
no transgression and no arguments on the pilgrimage.
The good you do Allah knows about.
And take provisions with you, the best provision is piety.
And fear Me, you of best intellects.

People were to devote themselves completely to their Lord during the pilgrimage.

On the day of gathering on the plain of Arafat at the culmination of the pilgrimage's rites, the Prophet spoke to the assembled mass of people.