23.9 Siege of Banu Qurayza
On the afternoon of the same day, a herald walked through the streets of Medina calling all those who believed to meet at the forts of Banu Qurayza - Banu Qurayza who had broken their covenant, agreed to open the gates to the enemy, and to cut the Muslims' food and water supply. They had prowled in the city threatening the women and children when the men were away. These Banu Qurayza were traitors who could not be trusted nor allowed to remain inside the city walls.

Ali ibn Abi Talib preceded the Muslim banner, and others followed. As if all that they had heard was not enough, when Ali approached their forts he heard them insulting the Prophet and slandering Muslim women. A little later, he saw Mohamed coming and asked him not to approach near their forts.

"Why," smiled Mohamed,

"perhaps you have heard what they say about me. When they see me, they will stop it."

According to the ancient books of the Jews, a group of them who had transgressed on the Sabbath had been changed into monkeys and pigs.

Now Mohamed called out to them,

"Brothers of monkeys and pigs, has Allah humiliated you and let His curse fall upon you?"

The Muslims continued to arrive until a large number had gathered, and then Mohamed asked them to besiege the forts of Banu Qurayza. The siege lasted for twenty-five days, until Banu Qurayza realized they had to come to an agreement with the Messenger. They sent word that they wanted to go to Azriat as other Jewish tribes had done before them, but he refused saying that they had to submit to his decision. This they refused, and they asked their former allies, the tribe of Al-Aws, to intercede between them and Mohamed.