21.6 The Lesson
To be defeated is a painful experience, but to be defeated when victory is within one's grasp is bitter indeed. To some of the Muslims it was a double grief and a double woe, for they felt they were responsible for their comrades being slaughtered, they felt they were at fault for not obeying the Messenger's orders. They had been warned after Badr by the Koran not to care for the wealth of this world but some had not heeded the warning. So at Uhud they had to learn by painful experience. They had attained an easy victory at Badr in spite of inferiority in men and weapons. After the battle the holy verses had reminded them that they had chosen the dross of this world while Allah had desired something better for them. He desired the eternal life. Nevertheless they were forgiven their desire for ransom and allowed to keep the ransom and loot they had taken. The Prophet had told them that victory would be theirs if they were patient and persevering. They had not been patient but had sought booty. He had ordered the archers to remain on the mountainside but they had disobeyed. The result was disaster.