2.7 Under AbuTalib's Care
The death of Abdul-Muttalib was a blow to all Banu Hashim for none among his sons could take his place, none of Quraysh had his qualities of mind and character, his judgment, or his strength, and no man was held in such high esteem by the Arabs. Before his death Abdul-Muttalib had entrusted his son, Abu Talib, with the care of Mohamed. Abu Talib was not the eldest of his sons nor was he the wealthiest- AI-Abbas being by far the richest. However, Abu Talib was the noblest in character, honored and respected by all Quraysh.

Abu Talib began to like Mohamed and then to love him as if he were his own son, with a fierce loyalty, so that in later years, the years of trial and hardship, he stood firm like a mountain to protect Mohamed from the wrath of Quraysh. The boy had a most loving and lovable disposition, he was very kind-hearted, sensitive, and compassionate towards the suffering of others. He was good, so very good that he soon earned among his youthful companions the title of' “Al-Amin” which means in Arabic “the truthful, the sincere, the trustworthy”, and he was worthy of this epithet which clung to him all his life, for Mohamed would never tell a lie. Even in very adverse circumstances, he would never speak anything but the truth.