26.4 Urwa ibn Masud as Emissary
When he went to Mohamed, he informed him that the army had gone to intercept him far from Mecca. (Mohamed in an effort to avoid any skirmish with the Qurayshi army, had taken an unfrequented route while the army of the Quraysh had left by the usual route.) So the road to Mecca was open, and the city lay unprotected before him. Urwa said,

"Mecca is an egg peeled in your hand."

By nature and by the teaching of Allah, Mohamed was upright and truthful so when he had announced that he came as a pilgrim, he meant exactly that. Before him was an opportunity to dominate Mecca and humiliate his enemies without much effort or bloodshed, but he would not take it. He would not go back on his word that he came in peace, even if the Meccans had come out to fight him. His answer to Urwa was that he had come as a pilgrim and as a pilgrim, he was asking permission to enter.

Urwa, much impressed, returned to the Quraysh and said,

"I have seen Chosroes of Persia in his realm, Caesar in his domains, the Negus in his kingdom, but I have never seen a people who love their leader as these Muslims love Mohamed. Not a hair falls from his head that they do not cherish. They would never give him up, so think of what you are going to do."

Mohamed sent a messenger to Quraysh, hoping he could convince them, but they killed the manís camel and would have killed the man had not the Abyssinians interfered. Then the rabble of Quraysh went out under cover of darkness and threw stones at the Muslims. One night about fifty of them were caught and brought before Mohamed who set them free and returned them to their people. He had not come to fight or to take captives.