36.2 The Visit to the Graves
He said to him, Abu Muwayhiba, I was ordered to pray for forgiveness for these people. When he approached the graves, he said,

"Peace unto you, people of the graves, and joy for what you are in, and what people are in, for temptations like dark patches of the night come one after the other."

Abu Muwayhiba relates that the Prophet said to him as they walked towards the graves,

"I was given the keys of the treasures of this world and living eternally in it and paradise after it, or the meeting with my Lord and Paradise now."

"Bless you, Messenger of Allah," said Abu Muwayhiba,

"choose the keys of the treasure of this world, then Paradise afterwards."

"No, Abu Muwayhiba, I have chosen the meeting with my Lord and Paradise," said Mohamed.

He did not keep the Prophet's conversation with him secret, but related it to others, but no one seems to have considered Abu Muwayhiba's words.

The next day Mohamed went from house to house to visit his relations. Then he went to his wives' houses to visit them. Passing by Aisha's house, he found her suffering from a headache.

"Woe, my head," she said.

And Mohamed laughed and answered, "Me too, woe my head."

Then he called all his wives to the house of Maymuna and asked their permission to be nursed in the house of Aisha. They all agreed, so he went to Aisha's house helped by Al-Abbas and Ali ibn Abi Talib, for his illness was beginning to take its toll.

For several days Mohamed suffered from fever. When it subsided, he would go to pray with his friends. When it increased, he remained at home.

He heard that some were grumbling about his giving command of the army to Usama. He had fever, so he called his wives and asked them to pour water over him from seven different wells. The fever went down, he dressed and went out to the people.