4.7 Waraqa ibn Nawfal
She went to him with Mohamed's story. He listened pensively for a moment, then cried,

"Holy, Holy, Holy! By Him who has dominion over Waraqa's soul, if you would believe me, Khadija, he who has come to him is the Great Spirit who used to go to Moses. He is the prophet of this nation, so tell him to hold on steadfastly. He shall be belied, he shall be persecuted, he shall have to fight, and if I am alive then, Allah will see that I shall give a good account of myself."

Khadija returned to find Mohamed still asleep where he had been wrapped. Then suddenly he began to tremble in his sleep and sweat appeared over his forehead for in his sleep he saw the angel telling him:

"You, wrapped in your garment, arise and warn, and say, 'My Lord is Greatest,' and your clothes purify, and the unclean forsake. Do not keep asking for more, and with your Lord be patient." (74:1-7)

Mohamed got up. Khadija compassionately tried to get him to lie down again, but he said,

"No, Khadija, the time for sleep is over. Gabriel has ordered me to warn people and to call them to Allah. But whom shall I call? And who would respond to my call?"

Observant and perspicacious, Mohamed knew from the start that his mission would not be easy. Khadija tried to make the heavy responsibility laid upon him easier. She knew Mohamed well; she had been living with him for the last seventeen years. She had known him as a young man of twenty-three and had watched him grow into a mature man with a great, generous heart and steady judgment. He would never deceive anyone nor was he insane, and what kind of insanity was this that brought the truth to them in words of unparalleled majesty and beauty?

She announced her belief in Allah and in Mohamed as His Messenger. She was the first person on earth to believe in him, the first woman, and after Mohamed the first Muslim. The word Muslim means in Arabic, “one who submits to Allah.”